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UAE highlights commitment of GCC countries to promoting human rights

  • UAE News
  • 24 Sep 2020
  • 12:00 AM

Ambassador Obaid Salem Al Zaabi, UAE Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Other International Organisations in Geneva, highlighted the strong belief of Gulf Cooperation Council member countries in the importance of promoting human rights, as well as economic, social and cultural rights. He made this statement while delivering a speech on behalf of GCC countries during a General Debate on Article III related to the Promotion and Protection of All Human Rights, Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, including the Right to Development as part of the 45th session of the UN Human Rights Council. During his speech, Al Zaabi stressed that solving international human rights issues should be based on a non-confrontational approach involving objective dialogue on relevant issues, which can only happen if everyone respects the sovereignty of nations, adheres to the principles of transparency and fairness, and considers the unique political, historical, social, religious and cultural characteristics of each country. The world is currently experiencing dire circumstances caused by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and its negative effects on human rights, having exacerbated global inequality, especially in terms of economic and development rights, he added, while affirming that GCC countries believe that overcoming these challenges and promoting human rights in the coming period can only happen through reinforcing international cooperation in all areas, especially development. In his statement, Al Zaabi pointed out that the GCC countries believe that ensuring the right to development is necessary to guarantee everyone’s enjoyment of all other rights, noting that supporting this fundamental right and overcoming the obstacles facing its fulfilment is a vital matter in light of the dire economic conditions. GCC countries approve the content of a report by the advisory commission on the necessity of taking concrete steps to overcome the obstacles facing this right in light of the 33th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration on the Right to Development, he said in conclusion.