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5 procedures to protect the bank account from the penetration .. Know it

  • Special Olympics
  • 10 Feb 2019
  • 12:00 AM

Online banking service, or "internet banking", is the next and most widely used approach to dealing with banking services and products. It provides access to accounts, bank transfers, and the purchase and redemption of banking products and services. This is a modern alternative that provides the time and effort required. Go to the bank branch .. and provides "the seventh day" 5 procedures to protect the bank account from the penetration.   - Change the secret number of the Internet banking service on a regular basis, and every month and a half.   - Review bank accounts regularly.   - Work on the activation of anti-virus and updated periodically, because malicious programs and malicious transactions are monitored on the Internet, including banking transactions.   - Call your bank's Call Center to stop the service when suspicious transactions occur.   - Apply smart electronic security measures, do not use the same password for multiple accounts or bank cards so your accounts are not at risk of hacking, and use secure passwords that are complex and not easy, do not share with others, change your password every now and then, Private traffic in safe places.